Tree Work

All tree work operations are carried out within the guidelines set out in British Standard 3998.

Before any tree work takes place a Risk Assessment will be carried out.

Crown Raising – This is where the lower branches of a tree are removed to an agreed height in order to clear any obstructions they may be causing.

Crown CleaningThe removal of dead, dying, diseased, crossing, hanging, weakly attached  branches.  This can also include the removal of foreign objects and climbing plants like Ivy.

Crown Thinning - The removal of a small proportion of secondary and small live branches throughout the crown. Often specified as a percentage, generally not exceeding 15%

Crown Reduction – This is where the crown of the tree is reduced in size to a pre defined point while maintaining the natural shape of the tree.  This may be appropriate when a tree is growing too close to a building.  Usually no more than 20% of the canopy should be removed.

Felling – It is sometimes necessary to fell a tree.

Sectional Dismantling - Our team or skilled climbers can safely dismatle and lower any size tree using the the latest rigging equipment and techniques

Storm Damage – In the event of storm damage our skilled arborists can advise on and make safe your trees.

Stump Grinding – We have the facility to grind out tree stumps well below ground level.

Tree Planting – We can advise on, source and plant suitable trees of all shapes and sizes.

Hedge Work

We expertly trim, lower or remove hedges of any size.


All green waste is removed from site and recycled unless agreed differently.